About our nonprofit consultancy service

georgina-patkoGreater Vancouver business development consultancy Georgina Patko & Associates provides essential business services to promote the nonprofit sector.

With more than 20 years in the nonprofit sector and experience at all levels of business, Georgina Patko is adept at quickly defining needs and planning for development. Her consultancy service experience in both small and large organizations with varying budgets, proves that even the smallest changes can make large differences.

Mission statement

Georgina Patko & Associates strives to:

  • Build tangible business solutions from solid understanding
  • Increase fund development potential to strengthen your nonprofit organization
  • Make plans, put strategies into action and achieve goals
  • Enable lasting relationships and enhance communication between your stakeholders
  • Work creatively to maximize the performance of your resources
  • Involve all staff and volunteers in the endeavors of their work and empower them to make a difference
  • Openly share knowledge and provide ethical, values-based support to leave a long-term legacy of success

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